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First and foremost it is our obligation as business advisors is to provide a smooth business sale and transition process that accomplishes the goals of the business owner. Our valuation services will always be comprehensive and address all variables in our determination of a business value. 

We know how important it is for you to get top dollar for your business!

That’s why we’ve designed our sales process with one goal in mind – maximizing value. Our team of experts will work diligently on your behalf throughout the entire process, from valuation to closing and because we have a proven track record of success, you can rest assure that we will deliver results every step of the way.

You won’t find another company out there who has as much experience and knowledge about selling businesses than us. We are committed to helping companies like yours maximize their potential and achieve their goals by providing them with exceptional service at every stage of the transaction process. If you want someone who is going to be an advocate for your interests, then look no further than us!

We are experts in the field of business sales and we know what it takes to get your company the best price possible. Our process is designed to streamline the entire transaction and make it as smooth as possible for you.

From business valuation to the final closing transition period, each of our actions is designed to optimize the value of your company, maximize competitive bidding and final close for the maximum value.

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Knowing your business worth is vital in today’s markets

Business Valuation

The business sale process starts with an accurate business valuation.

Determining the fair market value for your business is crucial to the seller receiving the highest proceeds when selling a company. If a business value is too high potential buyers will not be interested in the business, if the business value is too low the seller will not receive the full value he is entitled to.

Our business advisors have the experience to take all relevant variables under consideration including your company’s strengths, historical financial performance, growth potential, tangible and intangible business asset value and the many factors to properly value a business to bring you the maximum possible sale price.

We do not receive compensation unless and until the purchase 

Representation Agreement

Our clients will engage us with a representation agreement that authorizes Top Notch Business Advisors (TNBA) to market your business for sale and identify qualified prospective buyers for the business.

The representation agreement allows our Business Advisors to discuss the business with qualified parties and to provide the company sale prospectus to potential buyers. We will always sell a company utilizing our confidential business sale procedures unless you instruct us otherwise.

We will market and sell a business in a way that will prevent employees, competitors and other third parties from knowing about the business sale unless and until the owner elects to disclose the information. TNBA will advise and consult you on the proposed selling price, terms and conditions of the sale.

We’ll become your business gatekeeper

Qualifying Potential Buyers

Our business advisors will conduct interviews with potential buyers to ascertain their interest level, ability to meet the financial requirements of the transaction and if the business is the right match for the buyer.

If approved, we will ensure a non-disclosure agreement is signed by the potential buyer as a sign of commitment that the buyer is sincerely interested in the business, is financially qualified and understands and agrees to the confidentiality expected in the process of our selling a business.

We’ve been helping businesses just like yours transition from owner-operated to professionally managed by a new owner. You can rest easy knowing our team has over 30 years experience selling businesses like yours. They know how important it is for you not only get top dollar but also find someone who can take care of your business.

We’ll handle the confidentiality agreement for you and your future perfect buyer(s) negotiate on your behalf, and handle all the necessary arrangements with the interested party

Marketing Material

The business sale prospectus will present a brief overview of the business, products and services, customer analysis, potential for growth and a financial performance summary.

During this step your business advisors will also answer any questions the buyer may have and possibly arrange a meeting so you can meet the potential buyer and the buyer can visit the business and ask any additional questions.

In this step of selling a business we realize the meeting will need to be scheduled at the appropriate time and place so not to alert employees about the process of selling your company.


Top Notch Business Advisors is here to Advise & Consult every step of the way

Letter of Intent/Offer to Purchase

When a prospective purchaser wishes to make an offer on your company, EBA may obtain a Letter of Intent or an Offer to Purchase from the buyer.

The offer will typically include the selling price, terms and conditions of the sale, and the structure of the business sale transaction. Your TNBA will go over the offer with you and answer any questions regarding the offer and will also advise on making a counter offer or accepting the proposed offer.


You Will Not Have to Worry About Anything

Buyer's Due Diligence

It is normal when you sell a business that the offer to purchase will include a provision for the business buyer and buyer’s professionals verifying the accuracy of the seller’s operational and financial performance and other items. 

Top Notch Business Advisors, as your representative, will work with you, the buyer and any additional parties to identify and address any issues that arise in preparation for the closing day.

We’ll Prepare the Asset Purchase Agreement

Buyer's Intent

Purchase and Sale Agreement

Executive Business Advisors may prepare an asset purchase agreement for use in the transaction. The asset purchase agreement will include the selling price, terms and conditions of the sale, and the structure of the transaction.

Top Notch Business Advisors will happily assist as your representative throughout the closing process.

Final Closing

As the business sale is finalized, the closing date will take place when the requirements are complete, the transfer of funds is made and the business is then legally transferred to the business buyer.

After the company sale, a transition period is usually established to allow the new business owner to get familiarized with the daily operations and procedures of the business. This is an important step in selling a business and the time required will vary from business to business. You can be assured Top Notch Business Advisor will be with you all the way through the process. 

We Look Forward to working with you to sell a Top Dollar Business!

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