Top Notch Business Advisors focuses and represents only the sellers

Our agency provides initial consultation, strategy development, marketing campaign implementation, exit planning services & more.

For you, the seller, this provides a sense of comfort and security knowing that TNBA advisory firm is 100% committed to providing you with outstanding service. Our agency works on a professional level to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives by working diligently in a business environment designed specifically for the sellers.

We do not work for any lenders or buyers.

Message From the Senior Vice President

Our commitment to providing business owners with the highest quality counseling and services is the foundation of TNBA philosophy.

First and foremost it’s our obligation as business advisors it is to provide a smooth business sale and transition process that accomplishes the goals of the business owner. Our valuation services will always be comprehensive and address all variables in our determination of a business value.

We look forward to working with you to sell a business.                                               

Richard Underwood

Owner & Founder of Top Notch Business Advisors

About our advisor firm

We are Industry Leaders

Richard Underwood, Founder of Top Notch Business Advisors has been in the industry since 1989 and has over 33 years experience in helping sellers find their perfect buyer(s). 

Our sales process has shown to be successful and has evolved over the years to make the sale of your business as simple and painless as possible for you. That’s something only an agency with this much expertise can provide


Our success rate speaks volumes-don't Settle for anything less than 100%!

If you are considering selling your company, let us help you get started by providing a free no-obligation consultation that will allow us to understand your goals and objectives for the sale of your company.

The next step is to complete our questionnaire so we can determine if there is a buyer who may be interested in purchasing your company or not. Once completed, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss what we have learned about the marketability of your company as well as how much it might be worth based on recent sales transactions involving similar companies like yours in today’s current market conditions

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Our success rate speaks volumes-dont settle for anything less than 100%